Hello lovelies, hope you are well!

This has been an intense year and I truly feel like the best course of action is to remain hopeful and write down positive goals that we want to accomplish.

Let’s recenter and aim for the stars during the last quarter of 2020!

Below I’ll share a bit about manifesting your reality based on the law of attraction. Not as a religious belief but more on par with neuroscience and quantum physics.

By focusing on what we want we create the mindset and surrounding to bring these ideas to the 3D realm, causing our emotions (energy in motion) to materialize.

So to help you with this, I’ll share some tips on scripting.

Scripting comes from the idea of “scripted” or “scribe”, which is writing. You are basically writing your thoughts and intentions into existence.

Did you know that Queen Esther helped the future of her people with a divinely inspired “decree” that heralded the freedom of an entire nation?

We aren’t all in positions of royalty but we should at least be the reigning authority of our own life. With God, we then become beautiful co-creators of our #JourneyToLovely.

So with no further adue, here are 3 tips on scripting to manifest your future.

There is power in the pen and by writing down your intentions you can deliberately create your future reality.

Tip 1: Be clear and write in the present tense.

Be as detailed and clear as possible and write as though you are already “the future you”. See yourself in that desired job, home, partnership, mindset etc… And add as many ideas as possible.

Tip 2: write your wishes from a place of gratitude, as if you already have what you want and are so thankful for it all. Express immense thankfulness and be truly in a space of just saying thank you. Start a gratitude journal and write down all the things you are thankful for and include those you wish to have as if you already had them.

Tip 3: express how you feel to have it. Emotions are “energy in motion”. Writing down your feelings as if you already have what you want is an effective way to moving your goals forward.

The Bible says, “as a man thinks, so is he”- Proverbs 23:7

Bonus tip: write down your intentions using a pen and paper. Handwriting your scripting allows for more emotion and personal feelings to be transferred and thus carries more creative energy.

What are your thoughts on scripting? Will you be using this technique to help with achieving your future goals?

Hope these tips were helpful! If they were, don’t hesitate to subscribe, comment and share with your friends!

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