For the International Day day of the girl, on October 11th, I partnered with Unleashed World, a phenomenal media platform which celebrates and supports women entrepreneurs and artisans. This amazing nonprofit company was founded by jeweler and business woman, Kara Ross.

Kara and her team reached out to different influencers, including yours truly, to share the powerful message of hope and empowerment conveyed in her latest project, an insightful and empowering three-part documentary film series.

The series, intitled “Connecting Thread” was launched in partnership with on October 11th, the International Day of the girl, coined #DayOfTheGirl.

As an influencer, it was such an honor to have been chosen to partake in such an inspiring and encouraging campaign. I felt so excited to be apart of a group of strong women using their platform to raise awareness and highlight the achievements of other female entrepreneurs following their dreams.

Sadly, many times, because of society’s limitations and other factors, we silence our voices or feel we are not worth listening to. I wanted to take this awesome opportunity to wish young women across the world a beautiful day, filled with hope for the future!

During the weeks leading up to the ‘big day’, the Unleashed World team did an excellent job guiding us with our #DayOfTheGirl post and gave great feedback on our captions and pictures. It was an exciting feeling to be apart of something bigger than myself, spreading the message of women empowerment with such a global perspective is something that I connected with deeply.

Indeed, the stories told in the film series are from women living in India, New York and Detroit. Each one bringing light to the different challenges they face but have overcome gracefully- as daughters, mothers, sisters, but especially as the multifaceted beings all women are. I felt empowered. Hopeful. Blessed to share such a dignified and much needed message.

As October 11th approached, I started the preparations for a great IG post; which in the social media era means a flawless picture, catchy caption, strategic hashtags and cool emojis.

Of course I had to adhere to the guidelines of the campaign to run a coherent promo launch but we were allowed to add our personal touch and perspective. It allowed our posts to feel authentic and remain an aesthetically harmonious part of our feed.

The picture that I chose was one in which I felt fierce and brave. Wearing all black, a color which symbolizes strength, elegance, beauty and mystery to me. My eyes aiming straight into the camera as I boldly stood with a leather jacket on my shoulders.

Of all my pictures, I wanted to use this one to convey that my strength, resilience and courage all come from within. That at the core of my being, I am worthy of respect, dignity and the freedom to live my life unapologetically on my terms. As a woman.

After finalizing my first draft containing my picture and caption, I emailed it to the Unleashed team. It was quickly approved for publication and now we were all ready to take on the next step: Our October 11th Documentary launch!

To herald in the International #DayOfTheGirl campaign, the Unleashed World team, and the host of chosen influencers began to spread the word about the insightful and riveting “Connecting Thread” film series!

Below is my caption, published on my instagram @claudrine:

I am connected!

“Celebrating #Dayofthegirl with the original film series #connectingthread by @unleashed_world, have you seen it?! Make sure you check it out and be inspired by the powerful message of women empowerment through the lives of incredible ladies from India, New York and Detroit!

It was so uplifting to watch these women, such as @madebylondon, use their talents to not only open doors of opportunity but sow threads of hope into the vibrant fabric of their communities. As an influencer, I was especially touched by Kehiana’s story. Her incredible journey from growing up as a foster care kid in NYC to pursuing her fashion dream, is a beautiful testament of resilience, determination and courage.

Check it out guys, you won’t be disappointed!

Link in @unleashed_world’s bio!

#unleashedworld #watchNow #ad

These women use their talents to not only open doors of opportunity, but sow threads of hope into the vibrant fabric of their communities

It was a great campaign, for a great cause, celebrating a great day.

Owing to these circumstances, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Unleashed World team and Mrs Kara Ross for my spot on this global campaign and the lovely gift that was sent. Yes, the team was so awesome that they also sent me a pair of earrings from the Kara Ross collection that I will treasure forever.

It’s an honor that Mrs Ross who has also adorned First Lady Mrs Michelle Obama’s with her beautiful designs, would offer me such a gift a lovely piece from her eponymous collection.

In conclusion, I can’t wait to share more as the Unleashed World founder and jeweler, has graciously accepted to be interviewed for our “Lovely Icon” series.

So stay tuned as Mrs Ross herself, will be sharing more on the jewel industry, women entrepreneurship and pearls of wisdom with us all in the upcoming post.

So now, reflect on all the ways you can be the best person you can be, remember the superheroes you admired as a girl and know that you can be your own super woman!

As always, thanks for stopping by! What values are important to you as a woman? Have you seen the “Connecting Thread” film? Share below!

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