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Lovely Places: Best date night spots in Paris



After all, I do live in the “City of Love” and have come to the conclusion that this iconic capital is blessed with both a legendary romantic athmosphere and diverse culinary specialities to even make Cupid blush.

So, with that said why not take advantage of the vast dining options at our disposal ? Even if you don’t live in “Par-ee”, let the following list of restaurants inspire the amorous foodie in you to check out similar dining experiences…

From neighborhood classics to unique hot spots, scroll through for my top 5 picks for a romantic rendez-vous in Paris!


1. La Pérouse

The famed Lapérouse façade and its iconic sign. [Photo via]

If one could live in a restaurant, this would be it. Picture the marquise of Pomapdour’s boudoir filled with the most exquisite array of delicacies and antique artifacts; even the restrooms follow the enchanting decor with gilded mirrors, antiques banquettes and warm towels.

[Photo via
A romantic candlelit table for two inside the opulent walls of Lapérouse.

I discovered the location as a fashion host during a casting call that was held within the stunning walls of the famed edifice.

This enchanting restaurant, located in a 17th century townhouse, is decorated with antique red booths, rococo artifacts and gorgeous chandeliers( my favs!)- the food is exquisite and you will want for nothing, as the staff is personable and surprisingly friendly amidst the extreme opulence. The setting is one of romance, beauty and elegance: perfect for charming your date and showing off your impeccable taste!

Fancy a tasty and refined seafood meal? Look no further than the illustrious menu. [Photo via]
Address: 51 quai des Grands Augustins. Website:

Pricing: Expensive – Atmosphere: 5/5 – Food: 5/5


2. La Durée

The iconic green facade of the La Durée restaurant. [Photo via]
Well, no suprise here… My “favorite restaurant in the world” has to be included on the list, especially since it scores pretty high on the romance scales!

Warmth, elegance and romance… What more can you ask for? [Photo via]
There are many La Durée establishments in Paris, but the one I frequent the most is the on the Champs Elysées. For the perfect date, it’s the loveliest of spots as it captivates the visitor with its dazzling mix of  Art Nouveau and roccoco decor. In addition to it’s romantic atmosphere, the restaurant offers pleasurable meals (my favorite is their poached egg and salmon), complete with amiable service and instagramable surroundings!

A classic, refined and fresh dish created by the renowned La Durée chefs. [Photo via]
There’s no doubt you will mesmerize your date back to the elegant flirtation of Paris’ belle-époque.

Pricing: Moderate- Atmosphere 5/5 – Food 5/5


3. Terminus Nord

The grandiose exterior of the Terminus Nord restaurant. [Photo via]
This stunning art-deco themed restaurant is literally a feast for the eyes: adorned with luxurious booths, high ceiling and gorgeous turn of the century style paintings, it is the perfect place to snuggle up to your sweet date. During my first visit of this awesome place, I was in awe the entire time and felt like I travelled to another century. The menu is as grandiose as the setting and has a noble feel to it. I was especially delighted with their rich tea selection.

A feast fit for royalty and a romantic display for two. [Photo via]
Furthermore, the fact that it is nestled inside one of Paris’ most iconic train station, definitely gives it an Old Hollywood feel à la Marlene Dietrich and Clive Brook.

This rendez-vous will have your date in a daze, thinking their life is a classic romance movie.

The stunning decor provides an intimate and seductive atmosphere. [Photo via]
Pricing: Expensive- Atmosphere 5/5 – Food 4/5

Address: 23 Rue de Dunkerque. Website:



The outside of Kong, towering over an Haussmanian building. [Photo via]
This trendy restaurant boasts one of the most innovative architectural designs in Paris! Set on the 5th floor of a Haussmann building, every window boasts a different view of the capital. It’s the ultimate hot spot and would make a fun and romantic escape for couples.

And if that’s not enough, the restaurant is forever immortalized in pop culture, as it figures as one of the parisians backdrops that graced the final season of Sex and the City.

Passionate. Eclectic. Trendy. A restaurant that inspires a fun night. [Photo via]
As soon as you walk through the door, you realize that you have hit upon a restaurant of pure “fabulosity”. Futuristic glass ceilings, clear illustrated chairs, decorated floors with ecclectic designs—it is an eyeful that would lure a crowd even if the menu were not the inventive and tasteful mix of French and Asian cuisine that it is.

A creative display of the menu’s Asian influences and French savoir-faire. [Photo via]
So don’t hesitate to invite your Mr. Big and walk in Carrie’s Manolos for a romantic night to remember!

Pricing: Expensive- Atmosphere 5/5 – Food 4/5


5. Le Gran Caffe Convivium

A cozy Italian gem in the heart of Paris. [Photo via]
One of the reasons I had to put this lovely place on the list is because what is a romantic rendez-vous without a little Italian flair? Plus I grew up on Italian cuisine (ie. Spiga restaurant in St. Martin). It’s definitely one of my favorite casual eateries in Paris and provides an atmosphere of conviliatity and joie de vivre. This would be best for an already established couple who want to enjoy a hearty, fun meal in a romantic yet lively setting.

A warm and convivial atmosphere sets the tone for a lovely night. [Photo via]
The service is impeccable and warm, the ingredients are fresh and the menu captures authentic Sicilian cuisine: a perfect place for cozying up with your amore.

An authentic taste of Sicily, truly delicioso! [Photo via]
Pricing: Moderate- Atmosphere 5/5 – Food 4/5


Honorable mention:

Le Café Marly, where I had the pleasure to enjoy one of the most memorable birthday dinners.

One of the most renowned tables in the City of Lights. [Photo via]

Hope you were inspired for your next date night 🙂 thanks  for stopping by!