Today’s Lovely Highlight interviewee will be an eclectic and passionate fashion intern, Jean-Daniel!

After landing the coveted position at FENTY, the prestigious high fashion Maison, Jean-Daniel is definitely living his dream! Rihanna is the first Black Roman to launch a luxury house and FENTY is the first Fashion house owned by a woman under the LVMH global conglomerate!

Indeed Rihanna made History with her incredible line and we look forward to hearing an insider’s view of working for the talented Bajan superstar.

Furthermore, Jean-Daniel shares his insightful views on the behind the scenes of the fashion industry from a unique perspective. So read on as our fabulous intern spills the tea on working at FENTY!

Please present yourself and share a bit about your current work and brands you’ve worked with.

Hi! My Name is Jean-Daniel Joli Tuke, I am a 21 year old man, I am actually trainee in the Social Media and Marketing department at Fenty. I work a lot in merchandising for brand like Mark&Spencer, Tommy Hilfiger and Aigle, I have also been a PR assistant for at Lisa Kajita.

What inspired you to pursue your career in the field of fashion and how did you start your journey ?

My passion for fashion started at a very young age. As a child I used to stay up late watching a wonderful documentary called “Le jour avant” of Loic Prigent.

I became a bit obsessed, and kept watching him and the wonderful Mademoiselle Agnès too. Also, my mom was a “Fashionista” and used to have a big collection of shoes and pumps, all the colors, patterns, with matching bags and blazers. Also, my big brother was a real “trendy-boy”, and used to buy all types of magazines like GQ. It inspired me to read fashion magazines, and I was introduced to Vogue, taking in the glossy paper, the beautiful clothes and aesthetic. But it was the clothes they wore, that always fascinated me, so I start stealing my brother’s clothes and, even if he always caught me, I keep doing it because despite the backlash, I love the fact that I was well dressed!

That’s amazing! You were truly made for this field. So as a fashion insider, what was one of the most empowering experiences you’ve had so far?

I will say that my most empowering experience, for now, is my internship at FENTY. I have just begun, but I really love it, like going to the office make me happy, the day passes so quickly and I learn new things every day! The team is wonderful and so nice, I always thought that office hours at LVMH, would be austere and uptight (like the movie The Devil wears Prada), but everyone is so diverse, unique and different! Working at Fenty really makes me feel like I am doing something I love, with people who are also passionate and I am getting paid for it. I can say I feel like I am where I belong. I will forever be grateful to the head of HR who picked me over the other candidates who probably were more qualified and had more experience in the industry than me!

Beautifully said. As you know, the fashion world can be very competitive, can you share some challenges that you’ve faced and how do you stay grounded?

Of course, well as a student, my teachers, who were always so kind and patient with me used to say that a lot of people dream to work in fashion, but when you put them in front of influential industry insiders who ask, “What do you wanna do in the fashion world ?”, they stay blank!

I learned that you have to see behind the glitters and the glamorous facade, because that’s just a small part of it- it’s actually a lot of people and a lot of work.

Surely if you do succeed, you will have that glamour and red carpet experience, but before you’ll probably have to start in an office and don’t be afraid of stay late, if you coworker do it, you have to do it too, it’s a team job. When I told my parents, I wanted to work in fashion, they were not happy because, they don’t see money or a future in this particular industry- and when they forbade me to move to Paris for high school at 14- I did! And even when I told myself to give up and find something realistic, I kept going back because I feel called to it.

People shouldn’t be afraid to take risks because if you don’t, you will probably just regret in the end.

What words of advice or encouragement would you have for other young people interested in working in fashion?

The advice I could say is: be yourself!

I was always told, I was too womanly, presumptuous or quirky, but I love being that.

I’ve also learned that in a digital era, tech is the future, so knowing Adobe and such can be a plus.

And to finish, if you can have a platform like Instagram who is you, and shows who you are and what you can do. Without Instagram, I wouldn’t be where I am.

Thank you for sharing those encouraging words! What’s next on your ‘journey to lovely’ (your future goals and aspirations)?

My inspiration is the same as when I was a teen, I see myself in such a large spectrum, Frank Ocean, Christiane Taubira, James Baldwin, my dad and all women in my family, and will also now say my internship supervisor, Jay and of course Rihanna- at risk of sounding like I’m sucking up!

After my internship, I don’t know what I will do, I don’t think I’ll keep working at Fenty because, they are big and probably don’t need me as much a love them, but I will probably go back to college and if I can come back after my graduation, I will be happy as Cinderella slipping on her second glass shoe. I still want to work in Social media and communications for LVMH and evolving on this journey.

That’s awesome, truly wish you the best! Where can we keep up with you online (your instagram/twitter/blog)?

If anyone wants to follow my adventures, my instagram is @jeantuke, and everyone Is welcome, I am always open to chat or discuss. : )

Hope you enjoyed this interview! Any questions, comments or feedback? Let us know in the comments below!

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