Old Hollywood can still teach us a lot when it comes to beauty and glamour.

Whether slithering across movie screens or gracing gigantic billboards, these iconic sirens have captivated audiences for years and still do!

The Golden age of Hollywood was a pantheon of beauty goddesses from Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor, not forgetting Dorothy Dandridge and Audrey Hepburn.

Even the vivacious Sophia Loren had a few tricks up her sleeve!

So scroll through for the top beauty hacks to steal from these legendary Hollywood stars!

1. Marilyn Monroe

The timeless and legendary Hollywood bombshell, Marilyn Monroe, is widely recognized as a beauty icon worldwide.

So it is no surprise that her personal grooming tips would still be coveted today. From Gentleman prefer Blondes to Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, Marilyn knew how to captivate her audience!

◾️Some of her beauty tricks include:

– A striking red lip! She used a contour trick applying different shades of lipstick to achieve her signature scarlet pout. Her favorite shade? A rouge by French Maison, Guerlain.

– She always kept her skin hydrated. She believed that hydration was the true fountain of youth and drank lots of water. And also used Vaseline as a moisturizer and to keep her skin dewy and soft.

– Ms. Monroe always included exercise in her beauty regimen. To keep her natural glow, Marilyn would start her day with a chest focused workout, according to Pageant. Adding this daily routine allowed her to stay fit and healthy which is the foundation of physical beauty.

2. Dorothy Dandridge

The unparallled beauty of Hollywood icon and actress, Dorothy Dandridge is one for the books. As the first African-American actress to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress, she is enshrined in the pantheon of Hollywood legends until time immemorial.

Her story was revived in the acclaimed HBO special played by Halle Berry and younger audiences were able to be reacquainted with the amazing journey her mesmerizing beauty and raw talent took her on.

Dorothy’s natural beauty allowed her to work with an already immaculate canvas, but that didn’t stop her from adding a little pixie dust to keep her Hollywood surroundings intrigued.

◾️Here are some of her minimal beauty tips:

– To highlight her lips, the sultry Carmen actress, would contour them with a red lipstick shade and then insert an orange shade for a warm, plump, seductive look.

According to reports, Dorothy’s maid once told her not to conceal her facial moles, but to exaggerate them. So she would apply some liner on them for more definition. Instead of seeing them as flaws, she reframed hers as beauty marks, accentuating her already ethereal appearance.

Dottie, as she was affectionately called, used no cosmetics- nothing but a granular facial scrub which kept her skin smooth, her cheeks red, and her skin tone vibrant. That’s right ladies, exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

– In terms of cosmetic enhancements, she preferred a more minimal approach. Her favorite trick was a little thickening of her eyebrows using a liner and some eye shadow.

And just like that, the lovely Dottie was ready to conquer the world!

3. Sophia Loren

The voluptuous Bella Donna, Sophia Loren is a timeless Cinematic vixen who hails from Italy and has taken Hollywood by storm!

Her iconic curves and striking features have cemented her as one of the most beautiful actresses of our time. But it was her talent that established her as an icon. becoming the first female ever to win the Academy Award for a non-English film.

Her beauty regimen consists of no-fuss and efficient practices (she’s a Virgo), including a very odd ritual inspired by her Italian roots. Mama Mia!

◾️Here are her precious tips:

– She would take olive oil baths! She called it her “odd” bath. Apparently this beauty ritual is essential to keeping your skin soft and supple. Olive oil is enriched with polyphenol and is an antioxidant. As it penetrates the skin, your body is left nourished and replenished.

– She would eat pasta and swears by it! The Italian bombshell, known for her vivacious curves, looked fabulous in anything. She attributes her sensual figure to the Italian food staple and often said: “everything you see, I owe to spaghetti”!

– She advocates for the importance of sleep and mental rest. When asked about her beauty secret when traveling?

She simply replied: “To really rest — then, even your brain rests.”

– She believed in the power of her unique beauty and only enhanced it. Despite being told that her nose was too long and her mouth too wide, she pushed forward and ended up being loved for who she truly is.

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful, than the belief that she is beautiful.

Sophia Loren

4. Audrey Hepburn

Our Fair Lady, the lovely Audrey Hepburn has graced Hollywood screens and kept her youthful, ballerina poise through her renowned films, fashion collaborations and humanitarian engagements.

Audrey has always emphasized the importance of inner beauty and is quoted as saying: “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”.

Needless to say, her beauty regimen was based on internal elements such as good manners, timeless values and healthy lifestyle.

But she did have her share of beauty tricks up her sleeve too!

◾️Here are a few:

– Her makeup artist would tweak her eyelashes to define them before adding mascara for her signature doe-eyes look.

– She loved defining her Cupid bow 🏹 for the most feminine pout. Simply accentuate your top lip with a lip liner then dip a little to define a lower arch.

– Famous for her signature brows, she always opted for a thick look. She would define them with mascara if needed, to frame her face. Her full, sculpted brows added femininity to her pixie hairstyle, which was full of boyish charm.

– She loves eating potatoes and had detox days during which she would only drink water and eat fresh fruits and veggies. This had a significant effect on her skin and overall wellness.

5. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful actresses to ever grace movie screens. From her iconic Cleopatra role to her red carpet appearances, she dazzled like her trademark diamonds.

Her legendary violet eyes and immaculate facial features were only slightly enhanced by her beauty regimen.

◾️Her secret beauty tips include:

-Shaving her face to remove dead skin cells and improve complexion.

-Massaging her face for increased blood flow and preserving her natural glow. She would spend over a half an hour with face rollers that are known to firm the skin and decrease fine lines.

-A quick hot bath to set her make up and give her a soft dewy look. This moist look actually made a comeback and is a trend in makeup circles. Elizabeth was known to prefer it over the matte look.

These legendary beauty hacks have stood the test of time and will definitely upgrade your beauty regimen. Which ones are you most excited to try? Let us know below!

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