✨🎀In honor of #WomenHistoryMonth, we are celebrating the beauty of #diversity and highlighting natural hair, at the #4C range.

➿ 🌸The 4C type hair is the most tightly curled hair of all. This delicate type represents lovely coils which need more care and gentler treatments, due to their tight curl pattern. Why is this regal hair type the most fragile? It is because the natural oils (sebum) from the scalp aren’t able to easily navigate from “root to tip”, due to the ➿ “zigzagging” ↗️↘️of the pattern. Straight hair has the opposite issue (having excessive oil), because their “root to tip” route is linear & unencumbered➖.

That’s why it gets entangled so easily. Jada has nothing on 4C hair girlfriend. But that’s another topic. For tangles, the trick is to only detangle when your hair is wet and use your fingers as much as possible.

💗📝 So what’s the best way to care for #4CHair? Being educated on how to treat one’s hair type is the basis of all healthy hair!

So here are a few tips for tight 4C curls, which are the “porcelain of hair types”, due to their delicate and fragile nature.

Tip 1: moisturize•

Natural hair, in the 4C range, needs water-based moisture because of its dry nature. The comparison would be that of a desert climate, needing an oasis.

In that sense, because of the texture of 4C coils, their extreme dryness can only be remedied with H20. So look at the ingredients list of your moisturizer of choice and make sure water is first. To perfect your routine and prevent breakage your strands must be moisturized daily- morning and night.

That’s the foundation.

Tip 2: seal in moisture•

Once the rich moisturizer is applied to your tresses, it’s is imperative to seal it in with an oil.

Why? Because the curl pattern of 4C hair makes it prone to #porosity and thus, moisture literally evaporates from the strands, as quickly as it is applied. So the best strategy is to use an oil, to lock in the moisture and block it from escaping.

The best sealants are #MarulOil, #ArganOil, #GrapeseedOil and #EVOO (olive oil).

They seal in the moisture, which prevents dryness which leads to excessive breakage.

Tip 3: scalp health •

A healthy scalp is the base for healthy hair.

Massaging your scalp with essential oils and hair growth activators actually stimulates the follicles which increases blood flood and thus, promotes hair growth.

The best essential oils to use for 4C hair are rosemary, peppermint and wintergreen. When using essential oils, you must put them into a carrier oil like jojoba oil, castor oil or EVOO.

Other growth activators include, cayenne pepper, onion or garlic oil and bamboo oil.

These can be added to your shampoos, conditioners or moisturizers for an extra boost.

Tip 4: protect thy ends- always

This is really the golden rule ladies. There is no way around it.

You just have to understand that hair growth is essentially just length retention. That’s it.

So in that sense, your goal is to protect your ends at all costs. Why such focus on the ends? It’s simple, those are the oldest parts of your hair. Think about it. The ends are the parts of your hair that will reach those length goals. Bra strap length? Those are your ends that grew out 4 years ago. Mid back length? Strands from 6 years ago. So basically, if your scalp were a society, your ends would be the senior citizens. Which means they need extra care and protection. That’s why I personally never have my ends out. Buns, braids, wigs or tucked in hairstyles are the best go-to to avoid over manipulation which leads to breakage.

Tip 5: Take supplements

This one is the booster. Especially if you are growth focused. But most supplements cover overall health and volume as well. The point is that diet does matter and supplements definitely add that extra growth activation to your routine.

Great hair supplements are those with biotin and the B vitamins. Spirulina is also awesome, as well as apple seed, pumpkin seed and brewer’s yeast.

Also, 4C hair always get amazing results with cod liver oil since it delivers rich moisture from the inside out.

Supplements should always be taken with the guidance and supervision of your health care provider.

And as a reminder, supplements do not replace a healthy and well-balanced diet. They complement it.

For optimal hair health results, your diet should include lots of fatty fish (salmon), avocados, quinoa and protein-rich foods.

This journey is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Some days you will feel like there isn’t any progress but just keep going.

It’s hair, it’s growing you just need patience and to maintain its health and retain said growth by avoiding breakage at all cost.

There we go Loveliea💇🏿‍♀️💇🏽‍♀️💇🏾‍♀️Do you have any additional tips? Do you know anyone with this delicate hair type that could benefit from these tips? Do you know your hair type? Share below!

Thanks as always for stopping by!

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