Hello lovelies, summer is finally here and with the sunny days ahead, it’s time to make some adjustments!

Living in France, I always am amazed by the array of quality beauty products at our disposal, even in supermarket and drugstores.

So here is a list of my favorite beauty must-haves to upgrade your beauty routines like a French connoisseur🧴 🇫🇷 💅🏾

5) The Age Perfect toner by L’Oréal

This toner is so refreshing and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it smells. I also like the tingly feeling you get when you put it on. I advise you to use a cotton pad but you can just use your finger tips as well. According to the description, it’s enriched with vitamine C and aims to form the skin and restore its glow with its energizing formula.

4)- VINOPERFECT by Caudalie

This awesome serum has now become a fixture in my daily routine. It is lightweight and comes with a little pump that allows you to control your dosage. I would use it Day and night but use a sunscreen during the day. It targets hyperpigmentation and enlarged pores and over time your skin is exfoliated and refined. I definitely recommend it.

3)- Crème Main/Hand Cream by l’Occitane

This classic hand cream is world-renowned and is the best selling product of its kind.

No wonder, with its Shea butter enriched formula and immediate softening effects, it’s definitely a favorite of many. As women we often neglect our hands and yet they are some of the most delicate yet exposed parts of our bodies. Believe it or not, our hands say a lot about us and this cream pampers and protects them from the daily aggressors they face.

2)- Sebo-vegetal cream by Yves Rocher

This cream is amazing! I really love Yves Rocher and even have become a VIP client due to the points I’ve accumulated from my purchases. Their customer service is exceptional and most of their formulas are nature-based. One of their best products, in my opinion, is their Sebo-vegetal cream which targets oily and combination skin. The cream hydrates without an extra shine and allows you to wear makeup without looking flaky.

1)- Mousse Magnifica by Sanoflore

And finally, our winner! This face wash, in mousse form, is just a Dream! The formula is super rich and the texture is soft as a cloud. You shake the bottle and simply press the pump, once or twice. I decided to try this because I needed something to combat shine and oily pores and I definitely noticed a difference.

I love how fresh and tingly my skin feels after I rinse everything off (especially after wearing makeup all day). It’s a must have for those looking for a face wash that treats your skin over time.

This brand has many products that I like, that beautify and treat the skin. They also use natural ingredients that have medicinal properties. One being the Concentré Magnifica, which is a gel formula that literally gives your skin a second life. It detoxes your pores and with its high-precision, patent-holding formula, it removes shine, heals blemishes and shrinks pores in no time! So definitely an honorable mention.

What products would you like to borrow from our French sisters? Any favs? Let me know below!

And as always, thanks for stopping by!


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