The gastronomical centre of the Caribbean is undeniably the tropical paradise of St.Martin.

So it’s truly no surprise that a fine dining bistrot can be found, nestled in the bustling Porto Cupecoy marina, located on the Dutch side of the island.

Welcome To ALTRO Italian Bistrot

This modernized Italian bistrot is the perfect location for a fun night with your friends, a romantic evening or a warm family affair. The tropical ambiance, picturesque lagoon view and exciting menu make it the perfect dining experience.

I had the pleasure to visit the cozy bistrot with member of Parliament and dear friend, Ludmila Duncan.

And it turned out to be a fabulous choice for a “girl’s night out.”

Member of Parliament (Sint Maarten) Ludmila Duncan and International Jurist Claudrine Arnell, Founder of the Journey To Lovely.

We were warmly welcomed by the staff and seated before a myriad of delicious options to choose from.

We opted for the phenomenal 3 course menu.

A glimpse of the ALTRO menu filled with delicious options.

Our choices ended up being the same: for the appetizer we went with the sautéed calamari; for the main course, we chose “lamb 2 ways”: lamb chop and leg of lamb; and for the dessert, we opted for the raspberry tiramisu and red fruit coulis. Simply divine!

And to top it off, the amazing staff offered us a complementary champagne, living up to the quality service one expects on the “Friendly Island”.

The seafood was fresh, the meat was tender and the dessert was succulent. The scenic Porto Cupecoy Mediterranean styled buildings offered a delightful backdrop for our “girl chat”, decadent courses and overall dining experience. As we savored each bite of the traditional French cuisine, infused with a touch of Caribbean influence.

I would like to extend a special thank you to the entire staff of the ALTRO bistrot, whom, during one of their busiest nights, still provided us with top-tier quality service and an exceptional dinner.

Also, we couldn’t have asked for a better impromptu photography team, eager to help with documenting this lovely culinary evening.

If you are in Saint-Martin, make sure to stop by ALTRO Bistrot, in Porto Cupecoy, for a visit. Whether lunch or dinner, you will savor every moment, surrounded by a picturesque marina, effervescent atmosphere and the most dedicated staff.

Thanks for stopping by! Will you take the leap and give ALTRO a try? Share your thoughts below!

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