Autumn in Paris is simply magical.

It is my favorite season and in my opinion, the “fairest of all”.

And as French novelist Albert Camus once said, “Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower.

Indeed, the romantic scenery, the crisp cool air and stunning golden foliage are just some things that will charm you when taking a stroll in a Parisian parc.

So to really capture the beauty of the season, I’ve rounded up my top 3 parcs for the best autumnal experience in the French capital.

1. Le parc Monceau

This lovely park situated in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, is filled with classical architecture and statuesque oaks and even boasts a waterfall and a pristine ornamental pond.

Nestled between acres of greenery, bordering the prestigious Nissim de Camondo museum, it is one of my favorite spots to enjoy in Paris.

I usually stroll through there on my way to work and I always taken back by its spectacular and majestic scenery during autumn.

Also, what surprises me is the large variety of birds. I once saw a stunning couple of neon green and orange parakeets, lovingly chirping atop a gigantic pine tree.

The majesty of the park from the moment you enter its gilded gates, seems like a scene straight out of a Renaissance novel.

You will enjoy the classical Greek statues and corinthian-styled columns that adorn the park, ideal for afternoon strolls or just to relax after a long day. There are also quaint hidden areas you can enjoy, sitting either on a bench or your own blanket, to savor the atmosphere.

You’re already basking in the glorious floral haven that inspired many famous paintings, so why not celebrate the moment with a crêpe and hot chocolate from the park’s own little shop? Oh and little secret: ask for extra chantilly, you’ll get a little surprise!

2. Le Jardin des Tuileries

This is one of my favorite parks, especially during Fashion Week.

It is the perfect Park to bask in all the glory of autumn in Paris. Here the stunning fall foliage mixes with the classical Parisian backdrop of haussmanian buildings, historic fountains, statues and the park’s iconic green metal chairs.

You’ll love taking in the autumnal scenes in this classic yet hip park, filled with ornamental spaces, natural hooks with ducks and other fauna and cute merry-go-round as well.

It is also a hub for celebs and influencers, so people watching and trend-spotting is always a given and a feast for the eyes.

Just a few steps by the Louvre and founded by Queen Catherine de Medici in 1564, the park was named after the tile factories that once dominated this site. It is Paris’ oldest park and is famously aesthetically stylish, laid out in formal French style.

I love the garden’s little surrounding cafés that serve fall goodies and warm comfort foods. Onion soup or hot chocolate anyone?

Indulging in my favorite fall treats while indulging in the surrounding fall scenery sounds like the perfect autumnal experience to me.

3. Les Buttes Chaumont

Expanding on the outlines of the 19th arrondissement of Paris, the Buttes Chaumont park is one of my favorites. I did one of my favorite photo shoots there.

The parc the perfect autumnal haven of exceptional flora and fauna, both Parisian and international: including imported ginkgo bilobas, ornamental pears, and Himalayan cedars. During the autumn season, these beauties are given a golden aura and are definitely worth the hike. Yes because butte basically means little hill and it will definitely be climbing involved.

If you’re the more active type, you can explore the park’s many gems, like the billowing trees that line the pathways, the pristine limestone grotto, or its lake-spanning bridge designed by Gustave Eiffel.

The most iconic part of the parc is the Sybille temple, dedicated to the art of beauty. A stunning little edifice for which the parc is mostly known for. It towers over the 61-acres of woods below it and promises that you’ll be rewarded with a little more beauty in your life after your climb.

A lovely way to enjoy the “fairest season of all“.

What are your favorite parks for fall walks? Have you ever visited one of these parks? Which is your favorite?

Let me know below!

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