🌹Fashion Night Couture: A Celebration of the Arts in Paris 🇫🇷

As the Editor of the ‘Journey To Lovely’ platforms, it was truly an honor to attend such a phenomenal event in honor of the legendary artist, Pablo Picasso.

Revered as the Father of cubism, Picasso heralded the celebration of beauty in all its forms, textures, colors and shapes by encouraging the art community, and later the world, to think beyond limiting and conventional codes of art.

In his own words, he believed that, “Art is not the application of a canon of beauty but what the instinct and the brain can conceive beyond any canon.

His love for innovation, challenging tradition yet honoring authentic creativity and artistic acumen was highlighted as the guiding inspiration of this year’s Fashion Night Couture event.

Held at the prestigious Salon des Miroirs, a Unesco protected site, the 9th edition of this iconic Haute Couture affair was a brilliant success thanks to the dedicated and passionate work of the entire F.N.C. team, Factory Graff and the marvelous Mrs. Keri-Lise Anderson.

Founder Mr. Noel and Press and Social Media director, Mrs Keri Lise Anderson

The Fashion Night Couture phenomenon started as a gift to a father, Mr. Noel (pictures above), when his three children decided to highlight the haute couture heritage of France by making its elitist and exclusive legacy more relatable and accessible to the public.

According to this French press article, Chanelle, the eldest daughter initiated the project by planning a fashion show. Roman, his son, had the idea of a prestigious place, the ramparts of Saint-Martin. And Nina, the youngest, suggested big screens for a better viewing experience. 

Fashion Night Couture was born!

The winning recipe of a fantastic fashion show, a luxurious location and prominent media coverage has been maintained and expanded wonderfully over the years, since the first edition in 2011.

This year, 8 luxurious design houses presented their exceptional collections and more than 40 international models graced the lavish red runway.

In accordance with the organization’s tradition of celebrating high quality craftsmanship and French savoir-faire, guests were in for more than a show, it was a palatial, art and fashion-exhibit.

So keep reading, as I share the coolest designers, my favorite looks and which trends to look out for!

1. My favorite designers

During this lovely show, it was such a feast for the eyes but if I have to choose 3 designers, I will go with the following:

A. Mira Belle

A lovely Luxury brand specialized in handmade formal hats and fascinators, which features feminine shapes, ladylike textures and fabrics to highlight the modern woman who seeks to add classic flair to her wardrobe.

B. Rue des Princesses

A dream-like bridal house with yards of tulle, satin, organza curated to bring to life every young woman’s fantasy: her fairytale wedding day.

The lovely atelier showcased a stunning romantic and feminine collection that illustrated the beauty of marriage in a traditional yet creatively modern way.

C. Christian Manjaro

The talented designer Christian Manjaro presented his collection of luxury pieces, fit for a glamour queen ready to captivate the red carpet.

His aesthetic is an eclectic mix of chic Parisienne style and classic cuts, wrapped up in a stylish bouquet of delicate textures and feminine colors.

The up and coming designer is a rising star in the French design landscape, so we will be keeping our eyes out to see what’s next for him.

2. My favorite fashion pieces

This show was non-stop captivating design after design, so it was difficult to come up with a definite list of my favorite pieces.

Here are a few:

Beautiful gown by Christian Manjaro
Stunning Rue des Princesses 66 gown

The following “Rue des Princesses 66” gown pictures were taking on my IPhone from my Front Row seat. These pieces actually looked like they could adorn Daenerys, Misandrei or Sansa on the set of Game of Thrones!

3. Trends to look out for

The major fashion tendances, that stood out to me were on par with the current state of fashion:

  • the nude color palette,
  • Rich, jewel tones
  • Printed motifs and signature painterly images
  • fluffy, feathery and opulent materials,
  • layers of flowy silk, lace, tulle and satin
  • fitted, body-hugging shapes
  • see-through fabrics and peek-a-boo cut-outs.

It was an epic fashion extravaganza of colors, shapes and textures that not only displayed the current trends of Parisian fashion but definitely would have made Picasso smile with pride.

For the eminent artist laid the groundwork of stepping out of the proverbial box in art and this show honored his pioneer spirit of innovation, creative genius and groundbreaking impact.

Fashion Night Couture stepped up to the challenge and in my opinion, passed with flying colors!

Thanks for stopping by!

Let me know what were your favorite pieces or if there are any trends you’d like to try out in the comments below!



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