The last collection created by Karl Lagerfled was presented to the public on March 5th. The emotion-filled, star-studded and highly anticipated show was an incredible hommage to the Kaiser of style himself, who sadly passed away in February of this year.

Set in the majestic Grand Palais, a favorite of Mr Lagerfeld, the incredible show which was scheduled on the last day of Paris Fashion Week, was an ode to the beauty of winter and appropriately hashtagged #ChanelintheSnow.

It was a rainy morning and you could feel a sort of heaviness in the air. As we rolled towards the Grand Palais, the paparazzi were already at their posts clicking away and there was security and police on both sides of the avenue.

The final show of Karl Lagerfeld would mark the end of an era. This day was a part of history and you could feel the underlying solemness.

A snowy Grand Palais to host Lagerfeld’s final collection.

Indeed, Chanel is known for its outer-worldly productions during Fashion Week and this show was no exception.  Friends of the house were immersed in a winter wonderland likened to a luxurious ski resort under the prestigious dome of the Grand Palais.

The breathtaking set featured an abundance of snow-covered fir trees, a ski resort ambiance, luxurious wooden chalets -the main one was coined “Châlet Gardenia”- and to crown the event a one of a kind, “snow”-covered runway. Nothing short of magical.

Here are some of my favorite looks from this lovely mountain getaway collection:

Snow ball details using pearls, feathers and soft textures

My ‘coup de coeur’ look was a fluffy snowball-inspired look, called “Boule the neige” by the official site. I t is definitely a dress that encompasses the entire collection and showcases the beauty of Karl’s vision of a couture winter escape.

Of course, one cannot cover a Chanel show without a highlight of its amazing guests. Here are a few of the Friends of the House that stood out to me and were close to Karl.

The protegee: one of Karl’s muses and models turned close friend, Cara Delavigne.

Ski belle: Janelle Monae at the Chanel winter wonderland.
Dynamic duo: Kirsten Stewart and Janelle Monae stylishly seated front row.

A Chanel Muse: Naomi Campbell poses amid the Chanel couture ski decor.

The original supermodels: Naomi and Claudia all smiles at the show.

Chanel Cruz collection: Penelope Cruz graced down the runway in honor of Karl

The show was incredible and I am thrilled to have gotten up early to experience the magic of a couture legend and say farewell in my own special way.

Coco and Karl: guests received this iconic pamphlet

I wore my ‘Cambon‘ sweater from my MOKXCLAUDRINE Capsule collection in honor of the Chanel legacy and Karl’s immense creativity and inspiring contributions to the Fashion industry.

An ode to Chanel: my ‘Cambon’ top, béret, tweed and pearls.

It was an emotional day, filled with nostalgia and a bit of sadness yet a beautiful celebration of Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy.

Farewell Karl: An emotional hommage at the Grand Palais.

After the show, I went to regroup with a fashion-pal at the Mini-Palais restaurant, surrounded by buzzing editors, photographers and showgoers… But instead of plugging into the frenzy, I just wanted to reflect on what Coco and Karl would want for the legendary House’s future. With Virginie Viard at the helm of the powerhouse brand, I expect great things and am optimistic to discover ‘What’s next for Chanel?’

Hope you all enjoyed this part of the #ClaudrineTakesPFW. Thanks for your continued support.

Stay tuned for more!


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