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The following article will teach you in 5 insightful tips, how to establish boundaries to protect your energy.

Your feminine essence is precious and delicate and thus requires a special form of protection.

When you start your Journey to Lovely, there will be so many distractions that will try to lead you off course and it’s imperative that you firmly commit to setting and upholding those personal bounds.

When you set boundaries, you are communicating to others that you are a priority, you are precious, the inner work your doing is valuable and your energy is worthy of protection.

Boundaries are fundamental to any healthy relationship. They allow us to know where we end and where others begin. We are giving ourselves the gift of being in alignent with our identity, instead of being enmeshed in toxicity and dysfunction.

Healthy boundaries teach us how to love ourselves and they also show others how to love and treat us as well. Each person will have a specific set of boundaries based on their individual needs and limitations.

Boundaries truly gives us the necessary space to bloom into our best selves, which is the person we want to be and have others engage with in the first place.

So with no further adue, here are the

Top 5 Lovely Tips to protect your energy.

Now that we’ve explored 5 fundamental ways to establish secure boundaries to protect your peace, it’s also noteworthy to add that this decision might invite some backlash from those around you.

As women and even moreso Black women, we often realize that setting a boundary, in a personal or professional setting, can lead to hostility or even backlash.

Although that is an a common reaction, don’t let it deter you from standing firm in your decision. People who don’t respect your personal boundaries are pushing your limits and it’s up to you to firmly let them know that they are non-negotiable. Also worth noting, saying “No.”, is a complete sentence. As you learn to put yourself first and go against the grain of taking on everyone’s issues- (which leads to being emotionally drained), others will take notice and have to back down.

Your life will become lighter and you will be an example of self-love, self-respect and self-awareness.

Some might test you as we said earlier, but most will come to accept the new you.

Simply put, you are worthy and your divine feminine essence is valuable and needs to be protected and preserved.

When you are at your best, your relationships flourish and become a safe space of growth, mutual respect and support.

Lovely questions: What boundaries will you be establishing? Are you struggling with enforcing certain boundaries? How has setting boundaries helped you on your ‘Journey To Lovely’?

Share your thoughts below.

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