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Lovely Spirit: the power of affirmations

Hi lovelies, just wanted to check in and make sure you all are staying hydrated, mentally sound and spiritually uplifted.

Sometimes you have to be your own cheer team as you build and that’s ok. Whatever season you’re in right now, take the good with the bad and keep going!

To keep you fueled and encouraged on your personal “Journey to Lovely”, I’ve gathered a few of the most positive, direct and motivating affirmations I could think of!

An affirmation opens the door. 
It’s a beginning point on the 
path to change.

~ Louise L. Hay

Affirmations help to restructure your mindset and give your beliefs a reboot.

You can print these out and say them out loud to yourself- daily.

You will see a difference immediately in the way you carry yourself and your thoughts will be impacted and be the catalyst for changed behavior.

It’s time to literally speak your vision into existence lovely!

Keep scrolling to read and declare them over your life out loud:

What was your favorite affirmations? What’s your personal ones that you’d like to share?

Let me know below!

Love and blessings,