Team Lovely, we’ve had an intense start of 2020 to say the least and we’re only heading into March. But that in itself is alarming given the fact that it feels like the year just began! That’s why it’s the perfect time to take action and crush those goals! Weeks turn into months then dwindle into years and next thing you know we’re ringing in a new decade. So let’s take 2020 by the horns with my top 3 tips to G.S.D (Get Stuff Done!)!

1. Visualise the End Result

See yourself where you want to be and aim for it.

See yourself at the point that you want to be at. Create a vision Howard with all the pictures and images of your goals and aspirations. You can make it as colorful and intricate and detailed as you’d like. Just make sure that you connect emotionally to your vision and feel all the feels of when you’re finally in your future space.

Be inspired and go shopping for the look you imagine your future self to be in. Clothes tell a story and are a form of signal of our identity to the world. First impressions matter so make sure you ponder on what message, you’d want your future self to convey.

Studies have shown that by thinking of your future self more as your actual self and not us some abstract version of you, you can more effectively muster up the will power to do whatever it takes to make your future self happy.

So start projecting yourself forward and imagining what your journey towards your loveliest self will look like.

2. Just start

Set up a plan and just start. (Source: Black Queen Diary)

It’s really that simple. Just go on and start!

But let’s break it down a bit.

Start with getting your self organized. Get your tools, computer, spreadsheets, pens, paper and whatever else you need to get the work done.

Then break up the work in a series of small tasks. If you look at the goal in its entirety you’ll be overwhelmed and is the reason we procrastinate in the first place. So divide it and set achievable smaller goals instead of a huge, insurmountable feet.

You can also tell a close friend who can act as an accountability partner to make sure you’re staying on track. I’m an advocate of moving in silence, so you don’t have to go into detail just the general outlines of your goal or project.

Then plan your steps by setting a reasonable timeline and establishing a deadline and you’re good to go!

Step by step. Remember, it’s a process and a mountain is climbed one step at a time.

3. Celebrate the little things

A mountain is not climbed in a day. It’s the little steps that take us closer to the top and that in itself is worth celebrating.

Make sure to treat yourself over little wins. It adds value to your efforts and it a great way to stay encouraged. You alone can determine what you consider a win but it shouldn’t have to be so far fetched that you have to wait months to achieve it. Little wins are things like getting that sale, making a successful pitch, tidying up your room, organizing your files, replying to all your emails, meeting that urgent client deadline, etc… Once you get it done- take it all in. Bask in your moment of victory. You deserve and you’re oh so worth it!

Reward yourself: book a spa day, a massage, go get a mani-pedi, enjoy your favorite Haagen-Dazs ice cream, buy that cute scarf you’ve had your eye on, etc… you can just sit back and chill with your fav Netflix series too. Whatever you do, make sure you’re feeling rewarded and rejuvenated. Because tomorrow is another day and the Journey To Lovely continues!

Hope you all enjoyed this read!

Let me know what are your ways to overcome your challenges and Try it out and leave a comment sharing with our readers how you cope with procrastination!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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