Hello Lovelies!

I am so thrilled to finally present the new MOK X CLAUDRINE capsule collection !

Thank you all for being apart of this ‘Journey To Lovely’ and for cheering me on as I pursued this creative goal.

So behold, the story of a ladylike Fashion Line:

The MOK X CLAUDRINE Capsule Collection is an exclusive fashion line created by blogger, international jurist and influencer Claudrine ARNELL from the ‘Journey To Lovely’ (www.journeytolovely.com) blog- which is an online platform which seeks to inspire and empower women worldwide.

I’m her own words, Claudrine states that

“As a woman, I never wanted to be put in a box. So through the pieces of the collection, I’m showcasing our multi-faceted essence… Mysterious yet vulnerable. Feminine yet strong. Trendy yet timeless.”

To convey this message, Claudrine used the archetype of detective sensation, Carmen Sandiego, on a mission in Paris (city where she began her Journey To Lovely).

This iconic character’s case-solving adventures reflect her mission to bring back femininity to the forefront of modern fashion.

The Vision: the MOKXCLAUDRINE Capsule collection seeks to inspire women to embrace femininity and refinement
Comic book icon, Carmen Sandiego, a woman on a mission

The ready-to-wear holiday collection is the creative result of a unique collaboration between the sophisticated artistry of Claudrine ARNELL and the quality craftsmanship of French Fashion brand, My Own Kreation (MOK).

The beauty of unity: the MOKXClaudrine collaboration is a symbol of solidarity and empowerment for female entrepreneurs

Launched on December 1st, the modern yet feminine clothing line is composed of day-to-night staple pieces, which make a compelling case for the return to ladylike sophistication and classic elegance.

Moreover, the capsule collection, inspired by ladylike values, is an ode to the “Beauty of Femininity”.

Ode to Femininity: the MOKXClaudrine encourages women to cultivate ladylike values

This premiere fashion line is an expression of the inner essence that every woman is encouraged to cultivate on her own “Journey to Lovely”. Each design portrays the fundamental belief that the pursuit of elegance, the aspiration towards refinement and the cultivation of femininity are traits that all women should feel free to embrace.

A Lady at heart: the MOKXClaudrine clothing line celebrates timeless elegance

The MOKXCLAUDRINE project is also a powerful statement that when independent, entrepreneurial and creative women work together, no matter their differences, great things can happen.

Dynamic Duo: My Own Kreation (MOK) CEO Alice Sadrin and Founder of The Journey To Lovely, Claudrine Arnell, all smiles in Paris, FR.

In the midst of the recent upheavals in Paris, Alice and Claudrine’s story is one of hope for the future and women empowerment. As a duo of female entrepreneurs who positively impact their communities and showcase the beauty of building solidarity within them.

Despite their different backgrounds-Claudrine came to Paris from the island of St. Martin to pursue her law studies and embrace her fashion aspirations. Alice left a high-status job in a finance firm to follow her heart in fashion design- they were able to come together and create a lovely collection based on their shared values.

A creative-spirit at heart, Claudrine sketched every design of the collection, using her Parisian surroundings and classic fashion icons, such as Coco Chanel, as inspiration. As the proverbial saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as her mother, Miranda ARNELL, was the owner of the elegant store on St. Martin, aptly named “Claudrine Boutique”. With this premiere collection, a legacy of feminine elegance and stylish grace is carried into the new digital and modern era.

Working as a team, Claudrine and Alice, perused the best Parisian markets for high quality fabrics to create their pieces. Each piece was tastefully designed after going through a meticulous creative process of color checking, styling and fabric overview.

All smiles: Alice (left) and Claudrine share a candid moment of laughter as they prepare their fashion launch

Indeed, the union of the sartorial expertise of the Paris-based MOK and the glamour aesthetic of Claudrine ARNELL, makes for a tasteful and charming mix of both of their worlds.

Loose separates, casual lines and relaxed cuts are tastefully juxtaposed with graceful fabrics, classic design codes and elegant detailing.

Mademoiselle: The MOKXClaudrine collection is filled with classic looks, like the stunning ‘Cambon’ top

The collection features elegant essentials including organic cotton tops, luxe sweaters with pearl and satin accents and sophisticated accessories, created according to the renowned quintessential ‘Made In France’ cachet.

Every one of the collection’s delicate designs pay hommage to iconic fashion houses with the use of classic textures such as French lace, tweed and organza.

Graceful opulence: The sleeves of the Opéra top are festive and feminine

Just in time for the Holidays, the MOKXCLAUDRINE collection celebrates the timeless beauty of elegance and femininity, which is the hallmark of pursuing one’s ‘Journey To Lovely’.

Claudrine’s message to all women.

Thanks so much for your continued support and look forward to hearing your feedback on the collection.

Seasons greetings and stay tuned for our giveaway!

Xo- C

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