Hi lovelies,

Most of us are a bit over the winter blues and ready to head into spring and bloom again!

That is why to launch the “Primping To Lovely” series, I’ve prepared a little visual list on essential items to “Pamper Yourself To Lovely”. I believe that life is a precious gift and we all deserve to treat ourselves to a little TLC every now and then. Below are some ideas for setting up your own personal spa treatment. And yes, you are worth it.

Pampering Essentials


 Your pampering session can begin by setting the tone with deliciously fragranced candles like these raspberry scented ones by Baer.
 Follow up with a warm bath using a decadent shower gel (like the one featured in this slipper set )  then generously adorn yourself with a rich body butter .
Once you’ve fully hydrated your body, you can turn your attention upwards and delicately apply a soothing facial mask.
After letting your face soak in the refreshing ingredients from the mask,  apply a sweet, floral fragrance like this lovely fig one, inspired by ancient rituals. It will transport you to another epoch and leave you feeling like the majestic queen you are.
At this point, slide into a warm pair of slippers and gently cover yourself in a comfy bathrobe of your choice- the more luscious the texture, the better: like this pretty in pink one.
As you pursue your pampering retreat, you can unwind with a warm cup of your favorite tea or a fresh smoothie and lose yourself in an inspiring read. One of my favorites are the beautifully illustrated fashion capital books by Megan Hess.
 The next step is to uplift your senses with an aromatherapy oil application which is said to help in releasing stress when applied to pressure points. Miranda Kerr says that this one by Kora,“feels like a big warm hug”. We can all get used to that!
Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for: “the beauty sleep”! It is said that rest is an effective cure all, so for the most optimal experience, turn off all electronics before your rejuvenating slumber. One fancy tip is using satin pillow cases and eye masks to help keep skin and hair subtle and smooth. This feminine mask is a sure way to get you off your Instagram feed and on to catching some serious Zzz.
Happy pampering!

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