Hello lovelies, we are celebrating the countdown to the “Discover Your Lovely” Style Guide with this exclusive quiz!

Hope you enjoy it and that it can lead you to more clues that will help guide your elegant style awakening!

There is no better way to prepare you to finding your signature style than to familiarize yourself with the Four Style Muses.

One you get your quiz results, don’t forget to tag me and share them on the #JourneyToLovely hashtag!

Don’t be shy now, 2020 has been a lot of things, but it can be the year you reinvent yourself and embark on an incredible style metamorphosis!

Your personal image is your message to the world, so- “What do you want to say”? What are you portraying? What is your Style Expression?

Happy quizzing and remember, “the passage to a lovelier you begins within”!

Love, style and joy,


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